Former Republican MPs ‘hopeful to assist in building more reliable future’ through media

Former lawmakers of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) on Tuesday announced a recently concluded transaction of acquiring several media outlets “in an effort to assist in the creation of a more reliable future” in the country.

In a joint statement, Arman Saghatelyan, Karen Bekaryan, Mihran Hakobyan and Samvel Farmanyan, say they have purchased LLC, Armnews CJSC and Radio 107 FM LLC (brands:, Armnews, Lav Radio) to merge them into a media conglomerate.

The full text of the statement is below:

“A few months back, we decided to quit the primitive show – hiding behind the veil branded ‘political processes.’

“We are concerned about the country’s future. We were concerned yesterday, and so are we today; yet we are hopeful, at the same time, to have our great share of contribution to building a more reliable and more predictable future. At this difficult moment – full of uncertainties, with our people’s fate being at stake – we cannot stand aloof [from political processes and developments], because the role of a silent oberver or spiteful personality is not for us. We see the potential hazards and are ready to do all our best for the sake of a real New Armenia, and so we are going to offer new ways keep the Fatherland away from all the foreseeable challenges.

“Emphasizing the pivotal role of mass media in our social and political life, and the development of a public agenda, as well as considering media an inalienable part of our mission in life and our career choice, we have made a decision to found the company Qaryak Media (Quartet Media) which has acquired Tert.

am CJSC, Armnews CJSC and Radio 107 FM LLC (operating respectively under the brands, Armnews and Lav Radio).

“The companies’ executive management, under the joint brand, has been entrusted to Aram Antinyan.

Arman Saghatelyan

Karen Bekaryan

Mihran Hakobyan

Samvel Farmanyan”.