2 preschools open in Yerevan for Syrian Armenian children

Early childhood development centers for Syrian Armenian children in Armenia opened Monday in two schools in capital city Yerevan.

The centers opened within the framework of the Refugee Empowerment for Livelihood Improvement Project (RELIP) of the Save the Children international non-governmental organization .

Senior Manager of Program Implementation at Save the Children International, Iren Sargsyan, told that the main task of this project is to help Syrian Armenian children’s integration into society from an early childhood, and to help their parents work.

Children aged 4 to 6 can attend these two preschools, thirty such children can be enrolled in each school, and the education there will be at no cost.

RELIP plans to establish such centers in Armenia’s provinces, too.

“Since the kindergartens in the provinces [of Armenia] are not in so good condition, we plan to establish preschools for children [there], where the preschoolers will have the opportunity to learn basic knowledge,” RELIP Coordinator Tamara Barbakadze told