Racist barbarians appear once again in İncek, Ankara

A racist attack took place tonight at the İncek Cemetery in Ankara, following the burial at the funeral of Hatun Tuğluk, the mother of our Vice Co-Chair Aysel Tuğluk. A barbarian mob completely devoid of human or religious values attacked, shouting, ‘We will not allow your funeral here!”
Hatun Tuğluk’s remains were retrieved from the grave and taken back to the mortuary.
The AKP government has disseminated seeds of animosity in every corner of our society, and increases polarization in our society every time it opens its mouth, doing all it can to set the peoples of this country against each other. The government is therefore solely responsible of tonight’s incident.
When you sow seeds of hatred and animosity, you reap barbarism. This truth has been revealed once again tonight.
The Interior Minister, the Minister of Justice, the Prime Minister, and ultimately, the Chairperson of the AKP, all the institutions that obey them, and members of these institutions, are responsible for this shameful of incident, they created it, they are its owners.
Our pain is great. Our resolve strengthens every time we see this mob of barbarians that possesses not a single human value, and the political will that leads it. We condemn and protest, in the strictest manner possible, the events of tonight, and those who gave rise to them.
May God have mercy upon Hatun Tuğluk’s soul, and we extend, once again, our condolences to her family, relatives and our people.
Those who hold onto human values will, sooner or later, overcome this evil. And you, the perpetrators, shall see and witness that there is no prosperity to be found through cruelty, oppression and evil.
Peoples’ Democratic Party
Central Executive Board
13 September 2017