21st century is the century of Armenians, President Sarkissian says

On a working visit to Kazakhstan, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian participated in the 12th annual economic forum in Nur-Sultan.

Titled “Risks of Collapse of the Global Cooperation System,” the discussions focused on new geopolitical changes and challenges, the possible consequences of the new technological revolution, balance between notions that could seem contradictory.

President Sarkissian said during a Q&A session that the world is changing rapidly, but urged not to be afraid of changes, as they are opening up new opportunities.

“Those who have a clear vision of what they are doing, those who are in harmony with time, will benefit. For me, this is not a challenge, this is an opportunity to build a wonderful world where we have to live, a world posing challenges, but a very interesting one,” the President said.

Armen Sarkissian is convinced that the “21st century is the century of Armenians. “We are a global nation, we can change and adapt, we are innovative,” the President said, adding that he is very positive about the future.

Asked about revolutionary evolution, President Sarkissian said “as technologies change, the world will be different.”

“I’m confident that we’ll somehow be able to find solutions to the existing problems. Different countries develop at a different pace, developing different branches. If we focus on the new technological generation, artificial intelligence, big data management and biotechnologies, in a few years we will manage to find our way around in a world full of uncertainty,” President Sarkissian stated.


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