Armen Sarkissian elected the fourth President of Armenia

Armen Sarkissian has been elected the fourth President of Armenia as a result of the vote in the National Assembly.

Head of the election commission Gagik Melikyan said Sarkissian was elected 90 votes for and ten votes against as a result of secret ballot.

Sarkissian was the only candidate for the presidency. His candidacy was presented by the ruling coalition – Republican Party of Armenia and ARF Dashnaktsutyun. One quarter of the deputies’ votes was necessary to nominate a candidate for the presidency. The Tsarukyan bloc did not express a desire to nominate a candidate, while Yelq bloc lached enough deputies to nominate a candidate.

In accordance with the amendments to the Constitution introduced in 2015, it is the first time when Armenia chooses the president not by way of nationwide elections, but by voting in the National Assembly. Since the Republic has adopted to the parliamentary form of government, the prime minister becomes the first official of the state, and the powers of the president have significantly decreased. Armen Sarkissian will take over the office after the powers of the incumbent president expire on April 9.