Armenia to encourage the use of electromobiles

The Armenian Government has approved draft amendments to the Tax Code to encourage the use of vehicles powered by an electric motor.

The initiative is part of the efforts to reduce air pollution. The government proposes to include electromobile imports in the list of transactions and operations exempt from value added tax (VAT) under Article 64 of the Tax Code.

The privilege will be in place until 2022. The bill drafted by the government envisages creating conditions conducive to promoting the acquisition and use of electromobiles, reducing air pollution and reducing energy dependence in the country.

The government also believes that the increased use of electric motorcycles (including mopeds) will also help to reduce traffic jams and increase traffic safety.

“The world is moving in that direction and it’s obvious that more than half of vehicles will be powered by electric motors in 20-30 years. Therefore, we want to promote the use of that technology,” Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said.