Armenia hosts Eurasia Week Forum

The “Eurasian Week” International Forum kicked off in Yerevan today. The event organized at the initiative of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has brought together 2,500 participants from EAEU and 250 participants from third countries.

Addressing the event, Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinayn noted that the forum is a good platform for summing up the interim results of integration processes, especially on the eve of Armenia’s presidency of the EAEU Council. He said it provides a good opportunity to discuss the obstacles to the activity of EAEU business circles and work out practical measures to overcome those.Pashinayn noted that Armenia has been recording steady growth in trade volumes with EAEU member states.

“The volume of exported supplies from Armenia to EAEU member-states has grown 31.3% in January-July 2018, making $ 351.9 million,” he stated.

The acting Prime Minister drew the attention of participants to a number of key issues.

First, he said, the EAEU and Iran have signed an interim agreement as a first step towards formation of a free trade zone.

“Armenia is the only EAEU country to share a land border with Iran. The existence of the “Meghri” free trade zone on the common border is an additional impetus to the development of trade-economic ties. We are ready to become practical platform for establishment of reliable relations between Iran and EAEU,” Nikol Pashinyan stressed.

Secondly, the acting PM attached importance to continued negotiations with countries interested in the cooperation with all EAEU members. In this regard he stressed Armenia’s willingness to get actively involved in EAEU-Egypt talks.

Third, Pashinyan said, the development of high-tech industries is becoming an important issue from perspectives of both national security and economic development.

“Armenia has a serious potential with 400 enterprises in the high-tech industry, and we are interested in developing cooperation with EAEU partners to jointly access external markets,” he stated.

Finally, the acting PM noted that “open dialogue between business and regulators is key to ensuring further integration.”

“I am confident that during the regular meeting of the Advisory Board on Business Cooperation, which will be held within the framework of the conference, the main issues of concern to our businessmen will be discussed,” he said.

From the viewpoint of forming modern customs regulations, Nikol Pashinyan attached importance to the full implementation of the EAEU Customs Code.


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