“Genealogy” represents Armenia as Eurovision 2015 kicks off

Eurovision 2015 song competition opened May 17 in Vienna, Austria, with Armenia’s representative group “Genealogy” scheduled to perform May 19. More than 40 countries will compete, with the finals held May 23.

The talent contest is a major event for Europe, even drawing punters. This year bookmakers favor Italy, Russia, and Australia. The best Armenia has ever placed was fourth, in 2008 and 2014.

The Italian group “Il Volo” has attracted 24 million views of its song on the Eurovision official You Tube page. The Armenians’ song “Face the Shadow” has gotten about 1.5 million views.

While Eurovision is seen as a merely song contest, it is also a political platform for Armenia, especially this year as Armenia commemorates the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

“I think this year was a good occasion for the victory of the Armenian team, considering what happened during the process of the Armenian Genocide recognition (on April 22 the Austrian Parliament also joined the list of the countries having recognized the Armenian Genocide), still, unfortunately, I do not think the Armenian song has good chances. The team was formed in a very interesting way, with great expectation, but the song is not very successful, and I do not expect a furor,” political analyst Stepan Safaryan told ArmeniaNow.

Meanwhile National Assembly member Shushan Petrosyan, herself a singer, says “Face the Shadow” is a good song, but “is too serious a song for Eurovision.”

There are six singers in Genealogy; one from Armenia, and five selected from countries where Armenian Diaspora communities formed after the Genocide.