The name of Armenian-Kurdish musician erased on a park sing in Turkey

An unidentified person has erased the name of Armenian-Kurdish musician Aram Tigran by a splash of white paint on the information board of the park in Turkey’s Batman town, Ermenihaber reported.
As the source reminds, it has not been the first time when paint was splattered onto the information board of the park that is named after the musician. Previously the sign was recovered by officials following the criticism of the public.
Aram Tigran was a contemporary Armenian singer who sang primarily in Kurdish. Among Assyrians in Qamishli he was known as Aram Dikran. Born in Qamishli in northeastern Syria to a family originally from Diyarbakır, Turkey.
He was singing in four languages: Kurdish, Arabic, Syrian and Armenian, Aram Tigran He is considered among the best of the contemporary Kurdish singers and musicians, recording 230 songs in Kurdish, 150 in Arabic, 10 in Syriac, and 8 in Greek.
Tigran died in Athens on August 8, 2009, He wanted to be buried in Diyarbakır in Turkey, but the Turkish authorities refused this request.