Dutch House of Representatives condemns Erdogan’s April 24 remark

The Dutch House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a resolution condemning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his April 24 remark labeling the Armenian Genocide victims.

In the measure adopted almost unanimously, the Dutch legislators also obliged their government to notify the Turkish leadership of their position, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly Alen Simonyan said on Facebook.

In his post shared late on Tuesday, Simonyan also extended his special gratitude the initiators of the legislation, as well as Inge Drost and Mato Hakhverdyan, members of Abovyan union, for “arduous and fruitful efforts”.

In a statement released separately, the Federation of Armenian Organizations of the Netherlands (FAON) said that the resolution was submitted by Joel Fordevind, a member of the Christian Union (CU) faction.

The Federation thanked the legislators for clearly expressed and consistent efforts.

The parliamentary resolution is an appeal to the Dutch government to renounce Erdogan’s remark and to convey their opinion to the government of Turkey. All the parliamentary groups apart from Denk, a three-member faction, supported the bill.

In an April 24 letter to the Aram Ateshyan, the general vicar of Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul, Erdogan, yet another time, used the wording “Word War I victims” to refer to the 1.5 million Armenians killed in the mass atrocities orchestrated and committed by the Ottoman Empire. In a speech at a recent event, the Turkish leader also strongly emphasized that many people were killed in that period in the wake of disorders perpetrated “by Armenian bands and armed groups”. “The displacement of the bands and their supporters massacring the Muslims, even women, children and the elderly, was the most reasonable decision that could have been possibly made under the conditions,” he said.