Aleppo now in relative peace, says local Armenian editor

After months and years of heavy bombings targeting civilians in different districts, Aleppo is now facing a relative peace, according to Shahan Kandaharian, the editor of Aztag Daily (an Aleppo-based Armenian publication).

“The tension still continues, but superpowers’ presence is significant, specifically in Syria. Returning to our problems, however, I should say that the situation is now relatively calm in Aleppo as we observe [an increase in the number of people] returning to the city. We see also many of our compatriots return from Lebanon,” he said at a news conference in Yerevan,

Meantime, Kandaharian highlighted the continuing active efforts towards rebuilding the city, noting that many residents can now use a “long but safe road corridor” connecting Aleppo with other cities and towns.

“We do not as yet see a massive influx of Armenians from Lebanon to Syria, but certain families, and businessmen go and come from time to time. Those who stay in Syria continue receiving assistance, both educational and medical, etc,” he said, admitting at the same time that an estimated 10,000 people have fled to Labanon since the eruption of hostilities.