Iran expert: New sanctions against Iran will hit Armenian economy at “Meghri” zone strongly

New U.S. sanctions against Iran will affect the South Caucasus mainly from security and stability viewpoints, expert in the Iranian studies Karen Veranyan told Armenian News–

He thinks Armenia’s economy will suffer from these sanctions since they are twofold.

“First, they concern IT and machinery companies, second – gas and oil market, which are evidently very important. The second bloc is not too worrisome for us for it has only to do with gas and oil field,” says the expert.

At the same time he noted that when implemented sanctions will affect the goods’ transfer between Armenia and Iran since they will concern not only Iranian companies but those outside Iran that actively cooperate with Iranian companies on state or private-owned base.

Veranyan expects the sanctions to have a negative impact on “Meghri” free economic zone since it has recently opened and could serve a good platform for transfer of goods between Armenia and Iran for the companies of both countries.


“It [free zone] could benefit both EAEU market and China in the context of “Silk Road” project. However from this perspective the sanctions will create limitations for companies that want to cooperate with Iranian companies on joint projects, including at “Meghri” free economic zone,” said the expert.

He believes all this will only scare potential investors from opening their businesses at “Meghri”.