Turkish Armenian MP Garo Paylan nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

fft107_mf4760460Saida Ohanyan, President of the International Association of “Hamshanuhi” of the Armenian women of Hamshen, announced that they nominated the HDP Armenian deputy Garo Paylan for the “Nobel Peace Prize,” Ermenihaber.am reported.

The association is struggling to protect the rights of women rights, the recognition and condemnation of genocide in the Hemşin region of Western Armenia, which is the motherland of the Armenian people, and the other local peoples, in accordance with international norms of law.

About Paylan, whose life has been dedicated to the protection of the rights of Armenians and other peoples in the region, the Association has included the following statements:

“Today, Paylan is one of the few people who undertake responsibility for protecting the human rights of local people, religious and ethnic minorities. Tolerance between different ethnic and religious groups, and its seeds are sown on the mutual understanding between the Republic of Turkey is giving positive results in people. And despite all the actual pressures and threats he has suffered from nationalist and extremist forces who are all connected by the ruling and demanding him to end his human and political activities.

The association calls on all institutions and organizations protecting goodwill, women’s rights and human rights in general to participate in this initiative and to vote for Garo Paylan.