My Step Alliance Breezes to Victory in Yerevan Municipal Council Election

The Im Kayl (My Step) Alliance scored a crushing victory in yesterday’s Yerevan Municipal Council election, garnering 81.06 % of the vote, according to preliminary results from all 475 precincts.

As a result, Hayk Muratyan, a well-known TV actor and producer that headed the Alliance’s ticket, is set to become Yerevan’s next mayor.

The My Step Alliance includes Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s Civil Contract party.

Coming in a distant second, at 6.95 % in the field of twelve political parties/blocs that ran candidates in the election was Gagik Tsarukyan’s Prosperous Party of Armenia.

The Luys Alliance came in third, winning 4.99 %.

According to the Article 141 of the Armenian Electoral Code, the Council should have representatives at least from three political parties/blocs getting most of the votes, so the mandates will be distributed between the three mentioned above.

Results for the rest of the field are as follows:

ARF: 1.62 %

Yerkir Tsirani Party: 1.39 %

Rule of Law Party: 1.09 %

Yerevantsiner Alliance: 0.82 %

Heritage Party: 0.75 %

Yerevan Society Alliance: 0.69 %

People’s Path Party: 0.22 %

Reformists’ Party: 0.22 %

Hayk (Haykazunner) Party: 0.19 %