Beautiful Sona Nalbandyan from Andrenalin

19-years-old singer Sona Nalbandyan became known to Armenian TV viewers due to the project Andrenalin by Andre. The music lovers were amazed by the talented singer not only because she has strong vocals, but also she has such a unique beauty. The secret of it is her interesting roots.

Recently Sona was in Armenia participating in the contest Golden Voice. She also posed for STYLE and answered our questions.

«I was born in 1998, in Washington. My father, Aram Nalbandyan is from Yerevan, my mother, Cinthya is an American, she is from Gana, also has German and Irish roots. My father’s family moved to Los Angeles in 1990».

Although Sona has been to Armenia only for 3 times, the girl speaks Armenian very fluently.

«I was born in an Armenian family, went to Armenian school. In our family everybody speaks Armenian, except my mother, but she understands the language»,-says Sona, who has participated in the show with the advice of her teacher, Anush Galastyan.

«Before the show I was singing, studying, and one day my teacher told me about Andrenalin and I respected her advice and took part in the show»,-remembers Sona, who is still in touch with another participant from Andrenalin, Shushanna.

As we have already mentioned, the young singer was here to participate in the international contest Golden Voice. Sona gained the second position getting the opportunity to take part in a concert, which will take place in New York, where she will sing a part from Anush opera.

As for her favorite place in Armenia, Sona says.

«I like Goris very much, and also I’m amazed by Tatev Monastery».

The singer says, she’s not being very often in Armenia, but hopes will get more opportunities to be here.