26.199 LAW

The Argentinian government has officially recognized the Armenian Genocide by the National Law 26,199,, enacted on December 13, 2006 and promulgated on January 11, 2007.

LAW 26,199

Article 1 – Declare the 24th of April every year as “Day of action for tolerance and respect among peoples”, in commemoration of the genocide of the Armenian people and in spirit that his memory be a permanent lesson on the steps of the present and our future goals.

Article 2 – Empower all employees and officials of public bodies of Armenian origin freely available on April 24th of every year to attend and participate in the activities undertaken to commemorate the tragedy that befell their community.

Article 3 – Empower all students of Armenian descent who are developing their studies of primary or middle level in public educational establishments to be absent on the day of commemoration established by Article 1.

Article 4 – Treat yourself to provincial governments to adhere to the provisions of this Act.

Article 5 – Communicate to the Executive.