On Turkish TV, journalist speaks of Armenian Genocide

Live on Turkish Halk TV, journalist, member of the representing Turkey’s opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Necdet Sarac has spoken about the Armenian Genocide and the plight of Armenians living in Turkey, Ermenihaber.am reports.

Sarac said he spent the childhood in the Armenian-populated Kurtulus neighborhood of Istanbul’s Sisli district, and is thus well aware of Armenian issues.

“Armenians are in a really difficult situation. Being a minority in Turkey is very difficult, especially when you have a really large and influential community,” the MP said.

Sarac then stated that certain things need to be remembered.

“Sometimes we really have to open our horizons,” he said, reminding that German Chancellor Merkel went to Auschwitz camp in Poland and said something very important.

“Auschwitz was a German death camp, run by Germans. We Germans owe it to the victims and we owe it to ourselves to keep alive the memory of the crimes committed, to identify the perpetrators and to commemorate the victims in a dignified manner,” Merkel stated at Auschwitz last Friday.

Meanwhile, Necdet Sarac noted, “we, in Turkey avoid the topic. Unless you remind, unless you throw it in the face, the consciousness will not arise.”

“In fact, if we look at this from a wider perspective, we can solve some things,” the MP stated.