Diaspora is our advantage – Karen Karapetyan meets with Russian-Armenians in Moscow

As part of his official visit to Russia, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan has met with Armenian community representatives in Moscow to share his vision of the Russian-Armenian relations and future joint initiatives.

According to a press release by the Government, the chief of Armenia’s cabinet elaborated particularly on the outcomes of his meeting with the Russian premier, expressing content with the agreement reached.

The premier also briefed the participants on the achievements of his first 100 days in office.

He said that the Government’s vision for the country’s future is anchored on four key priorities: independence, security, justice and intellectual potential.

“We have no other option, so we need to ensure smart governance in all areas. The human capital is the supreme value in our country,” he said, promising government efforts to ensure maximum fair conditions and transparency for people with working, thinking and creative potential.

The premier said he treats the Armenian diaspora as a major advantage for the country. “These [Armenia and Diaspora] are the two parts of the whole. I personally see the Armenian Diaspora’s engagement and considerable potential in our country-building efforts. What I would like to do first of all is to rule out the perception that Armenia’s interest is limited to the Diaspora’s investments and charitable mission. What we need to engage is the culture of governance and dialogue,” he added.

As a successful example of the Armenia-Diaspora cooperation, the premier highlighted the Syrian-Armenians repatriates’ contribution to the services sector in the country over the recent years.

“I give you my assurances that Armenia will be the best country for the Armenians [worldwide]. I know that the sense of pride and dignity in all of you depends on how Armenia feels. I promise that our team will do everything within its power,” he added.

At the end of the meeting, a former Armenian ambassador to Russia, Georgy Ter-Ghazaryan, summed up the outcomes of Karapetyan’s visit, expressing the community’s support to the new premier and his cabinet.

Apart from the premier-led delegation, the event, held at the Armenian Embassy, was attended also by the prelate of the Armenian Diocese in Russia and New Nakhicevan, Russian-Armenian businessmen, and public and political figures.