Repose of Souls Service for the soldiers killed during the four-day April War

On April 2, in the Holy Transfiguration Russian Orthodox Cаthedral of the Armenian Diocese of Russia and New Nakhichevan, under the presidency of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians; and with the participation of the clergy of the Diocese, a Repose of Souls Service was held for our courageous soldiers who died during the four-day war unleashed by Azerbaijan in April 2016.

“Today we commemorate the memory of our heroes who died during the war unleashed against our Artsakh Homeland three years ago. We glorify the patriotic and heroic deeds of our brave warriors. Their dedicated act will be a source of inspiration for the generations,” His Holiness Karekin II said on this occasion.

“Artsakh is our stronghold, whose inexplicability will predetermine our future and well-being. Our Patriarchal message is that our people both in the Homeland and in Diaspora communities be solid and united against today’s world challenges.
We raise our prayers to God so that wars throughout the world stop being the way to resolve problems between the nations and states,” the Catholicos stated.

“Our people’s expectation from the international community is to respect the fair rights of the Artsakh people and that Artsakh live a free and independent, secure and progressive life.
Incense and Blessing in the immortal memory of our hero sons”, stated His Holiness.