Armenian president hosts annual award event

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan on Tuesday hosted an annual award ceremony in his office to confer honors on individuals who had significant contributions and achievements in different sectors.

The honors – money awards and corresponding certificates – were handed over to the recipients by the president himself and the Diaspora Armenian businessman Robert Poghosyan (Robert Poghosyan and Sons foundation). Congratulating the awardees, the president wished them success in all future endeavors.

“Recognition is important for each and every individual, especially those who do creative work. It demonstrates that the human being is not estranged from the society, and the efforts invested did yield a result, making them appreciated. Every one of you has – through attempts and blunders as has every person who attains success – struggled to find his or her own way in creative life. And we value that struggle,” he said.

Noting that 2015 is the year marking the Armenian Genocide centennial, the president said that the anniversary also imparts a special significance to the award event. “The one hundredth anniversary is not of course the beginning or end of anything. It is just a historic boundary on the path of the Armenian people’s eternal existence. ”

“Exactly one hundred years ago, the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were forced into exile, facing their “Golgotha” just because of their ethnic origins and their belief. The butchers had made up their minds to wipe the Armenian’s name off the face of the planet. Today, the descendents of those who survived the tragedy, having experienced the fierce suffering create the specter polar meter and study nano-structures.

“These are really achievements to be proud of. This is the Armenian nation’s response to those who plotted plans to annihilate and exterminate us,” the president added.

Among the recipients of the president’s 2014 award were women survivors of Genocide from different regions of Armenia, who had an essential contribution to the big tragedy’s recognition.