Armenia President: Conflicts in our region can grow and become threat for Europe

Pope Francis’ visit to Armenia was a visit of peace, President Serzh Sargsyan told the Arabic Al Mayadeen TV.

In his words, the Pope’s visit to Armenia was both a religious and an interstate visit.

“The fact itself that the Pope visited Armenia this year has a very important meaning; but the substance and content highly value the Pope’s visit,” said the Armenian President. “He called his visit a pilgrimage to the world’s first Christian country; this was great impetus to the Catholic world, both in economic terms, and certainly also in political terms.

“The main messages of the Pope were messages of peace, interreligious solidarity, and tranquility. I believe all countries in our region must accept these messages, and be ready to fulfill [them].”

The President of Armenia expressed a view that the Caucasus region has a substantial impact on the greater region.

“The conflicts that exist in our region can grow, increase, and become a threat to European security, Russia, [and] also to the East,” added Sargsyan. “The efforts, which Russia, the US, the EU—[represented] by France—are making, are very important efforts.

“I believe the Pope complements these efforts with his visit, with his messages. His visit to Armenia was a visit of peace; it was a visit advocating peaceful coexistence; it was a visit advocating tolerance.”


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