Serj Tankian to arrive in Armenia to observe April parliamentary election

Famous musician Serj Tankian, who is founder and lead singer of the world-renowned American-Armenian rock band System of a Down (SOAD), will come to Armenia next April, to observe the parliamentary election in the country, Tankian himself informed at a press conference on Monday.

Aside from Serj Tankian, renowned Canadian-Armenian filmmaker Atom Egoyan, famous Canadian-Armenian actress and film producer Arsinée Khanjian—who is also Egoyan’s wife, and several other prominent Diaspora-Armenian intellectuals likewise will arrive in Armenia for this observation mission.

In September, they launched the “Justice Within Armenia” initiative, whose objective is to contribute to the democratic changes in Armenia.

This initiative also plans to train Diaspora-Armenian observers by April, and who will arrive in Armenia to follow the said parliamentary election.


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