Yerevan rubber plant workers to join action against electricity price hike

A group of current and former employees of Nairit chemical rubber plant of Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan will participate in the “No to Plunder” initiative’s assembly and march on Wednesday, and against an increase in the electricity prices in the country. Nairit former Press Secretary Anush Harutyunyan on Tuesday told the aforementioned to Armenian

“This [price] hike will hit us very hard, too,” she added.

The Nairit workers staged a protest outside the Office of the President on Tuesday, too, and again voiced their demands: Payment of their wage arrears, and resumption of the plant’s operation.

Harutyunyan also noted that their respective demonstrations will continue, and if the prime minister does not receive them by the end of the month, they will stage a sit-in yet again.

A total of 1,700 Nairit workers were formally discharged as of February 6. At this point, the total debt of Nairit chemical rubber plant—which no longer operates—amounts to 102 billion drams (approx. $215,184,825). Around $15 million of these arrears are the 18 to 24 months of unpaid wages of the plant employees.

The workers have assembled outside the Government Building and the Office of the President numerous times, and demanded a solution to their salary-related problems.