Turkey slams Czech parliament resolution on Armenian Genocide

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign affairs has issued a statement, condemning and rejecting ‘in strongest’ terms the resolution adopted by the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic on Armenian Genocide and other crimes against humanity.

“We are also disappointed by President Zeman’s letter of 24 April 2017 addressed to the Armenian diaspora in his country with regard to the events of 1915, as it includes serious inconsistencies,” the Ministry said in a statement.

“President Zeman, while stating in his letter that history should not be interpreted by politicians, and exposing the fact that politicians abuse history for their political interests, and that the past should first and foremost be analyzed and interpreted by historians; contradicts his own words as he makes political assessments with regard to the events of 1915,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry of Foreign affairs has conveyed the reaction to these political actions to the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ankara.

The adopted resolution accused the Ottoman Empire of carrying out systematic genocide against Armenians, as well as other Christian minorities.